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Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & breakfasts remain a prime resource for budget travelers in Europeó

especially in the United Kingdom. They've also become popular in the

United States, but more because they're considered chic and quaint than

for budget reasons. Either way, you can find lots of B&B Web sites for both

sides of the Atlantic.

As of early 2000, Discount Hotel Reservation

appeared to have the most comprehensive set of worldwide listings. In all,

the site claims more than 24,000 total listings, throughout much of the


However, that example also illustrates a common problem with the

Web: Even the best gateway sites often don't have all the details. The top

B&B site listed only eight bed & breakfasts in Ashland, while there are

actually some 40 in the area.

Discounts, however, are limited to last-minute availabilities and are

offered through only a few sites. Discount Hotel Reservation offers

last-minute price cuts for B&Bs, nationwide. The concept is patterned

after the last-minute deals offered by airlines and participating hotels.

However, it's too early to tell if enough B&Bs will participate to make

the programs worthwhile. And no matter how you book, if you want to

confirm space more than a few days in advance, you're likely to pay list price.

The online resources are therefore useful as guides and locators but not for

cutting prices.

Several sites feature B&Bs in individual European cities. However, they

don't all provide online rates or booking capability.