Campers and Motorhomes

Traveling with recreational vehicles is a topic that deserves a book of its

own—and, in fact, you'll discover quite a few such books if you search

your local bookstore Instead of pretending to be an expert

on RV travel, I'll refer you to people who are:


RVers Online

Travelogs describe RV drivers' experiences in the United States and

Canada, and there's a large collection of articles on RV travel in



RV Zone

This site lists campgrounds that accept RVs, rental firms, service

centers, RV travel Web sites for specific regions, and more.


CampNet America

The "Campground Locator" lists RV parks in the United States,

Canada, Europe, and Australia, with more to come.


Motorhome, Camper, and Van Links—Europe

Use this page to find general information and rental agencies in

Europe. Also, be sure to read Europe by Motorhome and Van, a

book featured on the page.