International Driving

Driving overseas can be a nerve-racking experience for U.S. and Candian

motorists, especially in countries like Mexico and Italy where traffic may

be heavier and drivers more aggressive than they are in a city like Ottawa

or Des Moines.

Driving on the left (as in Britain, Ireland, and Australia) is another

challenge that can leave foreign motorists wishing they'd stuck with pub-

lic transportation.

Before driving abroad, study these Web sites:


General Comments on the European Traffic Code

This site is a visual nightmare, but the information is helpful. Links

take you to pages with international traffic signs that you'll see in

many regions, not just Europe.



Click the "Chapters" link for exhaustive information on driving in

Europe. You can also rent a vehicle, buy insurance, or line up a

traveling companion on the rideshare board.


Visiting Britain: Car Hire and Travel

Rules, tips, and a plug for the invaluable London Parking Guide are

available here.