Active and adventure travel is a huge topic, ranging from assaults on Mt.

Everest to golfing in the Monterey Peninsula. In many cases, you'll find

links to helpful information at the Web sites in the "Destinations" section.

(Example: Visit any Caribbean Web site, and you'll have to close your

eyes to avoid listings for snorkeling and scuba diving.)

For information geared toward travelers who'd rather climb an Alp

than ascend a cathedral tower's staircase, see:


Fodor's Sports and Adventure Vacations

Skydiving, river rafting, caving courses, baseball fantasy camps,

fly-fishing schools, race-driving courses, and the inevitable golf

camps are a few of the topics covered at this site by Fodor's

guidebooks .



The Great Outdoor Recreation Pages include sections on hiking,

hiking, paddling, climbing, camping, and more. Articles and

practical information could keep you busy for days (when you

should be getting in shape for your trip).