Gays and lesbians reportedly account for 20 percent of all pleasure travel,

so it isn't surprising that an increasing number of resorts and other busi-

nesses cater to tourists of the Oscar Wilde or Sapphic persuasion. In a

world in which tolerance is never a given, it can be reassuring to stay at

hotels or travel with tour groups in which same-sex couples won't be the

objects of nasty glances or gossip.

On-line resources for GLBT travelers include:



Browse 3000-plus listings of gay or gay-friendly hotels, restaurants,

clubs, and other businesses on six continents.


PlanetOut Travel

Destination guides for the United States, Canada, and Mexico are

supplemented by travel articles, a gay/lesbian events calendar, and a

directory of gay-friendly travel agents.


PrideNet (Europe)

Select a country for information on laws, cultural attitudes toward

homosexuality, and GLBT business listings.


Rainbow Query: Travel

Follow the links to gay travel resources, or enter a keyword search.