There's no substitute for a good printed map, but the Web offers a few

goodies that you won't find in the rack at your local gas station. When you

need an accordion-fold map of Timbuktu or a road atlas of Shangri-La, an

on-line vendor can get it to you within a few days.


Enter an address or zip code, and MapQuest will display a local map

that you can zoom in on and print. Quick maps are also available; so

are road directions within the United States.

How Far Is It?

Type in the names of two cities and click "Look it up!" to get the

distance in miles and kilometers as the crow flies.

World Atlas and World Maps

Matt Rosenberg's Geography site at organizes Web

maps and atlases by continent and region.

Elstead Maps

This British firm's on-line catalog has more than 1500 pages of

listings for maps, atlases, globes, gazeteers, route planners, and

mapping software for the United Kingdom and other countries.

The Adventurous Traveler Bookstore: Maps

Elstead has a much larger selection, but this U.S. company is a

good alternative if you live in North America and need maps at the

last minute.