Tipping is always a tricky subject, with little general agreement on what

separates a philanthropist from a cheapskate. My own philosophy is to tip

generously unless there's a reason to do otherwise. An extra 5 percent

won't drain my wallet, but a day's worth of extra quarters and dollars may

mean the difference between steak and cornflakes for the recipient's fam-

ily. For basic suggestions on tipping, see:


The Original Tipping Page


Manny Gonzales has researched tipping practices and offers general

guidelines, plus links to other sites.

Tipping Customs Vary Worldwide


The All Seasons Travel Group's page tells where to get a free

booklet, entitled Tips on Tipping, from the American Society of

Travel Agents.


National tourist offices and cruise lines frequently have tipping

advice on their Web sites. (Some cruise lines even provide tip envelopes on

board their ships.)